Website Development

Starter Site ($250) — This package includes the installation of a stable CMS platform, which allows you to add and edit as many pages as you may want.  In addition, several “must have” add-on modules are also installed to make running your new website easier.  Includes up to 10 pages of client-supplied content.

Advanced Site ($500) — This package includes everything in the Starter Site package as well as additional add-on modules to post multi-media content and run a basic newsletter.  Includes up to 20 pages of client-supplied content.

Professional Site ($1000) — Go all out with this package and get everything in the previous 2 packages as well as everything needed to run an ecommerce website, including a shopping cart to sell digital and physical products (memberships too!), tools to run an affiliate program, and a lot more.  Inlcudes up to 30 pages of client-supplied content.

Script Installation ($50) — Although the software included in the above packages will handle most of your needs, some folks prefer to use something different, such as a mailing list manager, shopping cart, or affiliate program.  I can also help you by installing to your website any software you’ve purchased separately.

Script Configuration ($50 per hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments) — Once a piece of software is installed, it must usually be configured to your specifications.  For example, a shopping cart needs to know what taxes are to be charged to your customers, and what shipping options you want to offer.

Custom Programming ($50 per hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments) — If the only thing that will do is to have a custom script written, I can help you with that too.  Just give me a detailed description of what you want the script to do, and I’ll write the code to make it happen.  Of course, you’ll get a quote to be authorized before I begin.

Graphic Design

Level 1 Design ($150) — Start with a pre-made template and I’ll tweak the settings, such as colors, fonts, and add your company logo.  Includes up to 30 minutes of consultation time to discuss your preferences, and up to 3 rounds of changes if necessary.

Level 2 Design ($400) — With this package, we also start with a pre-made template, however, much more substantial changes are possible.  A custom graphic header is possible, as well as graphical headlines and banners.  Includes up to 60 minutes of consultation time to discuss your vision, and up to 3 rounds of changes if necessary.

Level 3 Design ($1000) — Completely custom design starting from scratch. We’ll work with whatever images and text you want to include on your website to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Includes graphical header, graphical headlines, banners, backgrounds, icons, and more.  Also included — up to 2 hours of consultation time, a choice from at least 4 concepts, and up to 5 rounds of changes if necessary.

Content Creation

Brief Description / Email ($50 each) —When you have to say something quickly, you need to make sure it really packs a punch.  Make every word count!

News Releases ($100 each) — A news release encapsulates the essence of the story behind you and what you offer, and helps draw attention to your website in a positive way without sounding like an ad.  If you want to get free publicity, this is how you do it.

Sample Review ($150) — Media outlets that review products sometimes want to see sample reviews to get an idea of what your product is like before they take the time to review it for their readers.  Many online bloggers will post your sample review unedited, giving you additional exposure.

Article / About Us page / Other mid-length page ($250 each) —With more room to spare, you can tell a much more interesting story to hook your site visitors into choosing you over your competitors.

Sales Page ($1000 each) —When you absolutely MUST do your best to persuade your site visitors to make a purchase, and do it NOW, you need to tell your story in the most convincing way possible, answering all possible objections along the way.  This takes time, and a thorough understanding of your market.  A good sales page can easily double the profitability of your business.

Marketing Services

60-minute Marketing Strategy Session ($250) — Here is where you get to “pick my brain” and apply my experience and wisdom to your business. Save yourself hundreds of hours, or thousands of dollars, and get everything you can from your business.

Business Launch Campaign ($2000) — Known all over the Internet as the best way to get your book to #1 quickly, a business launch campaign involves coordinating up to 100s of other online businesses to promote your product or service at the same time and offering bonuses to encourage massive sales. These business owners are happy to provide bonuses in order to get exposure for their own products, so no additional cost is involved for getting bonuses.  After the campaign is over, you will have created relationships with many JV partners who can continue to help you promote your business.